Collection: Snugket (The Snugly Bucket Hat)

The Snugket~ (Snugly Bucket Hat) Is our brand new product at Beautiful Indiah.
Lovingly Handmade by me~ Leah, in Portland Victoria.
My Snugket’s are lined with a beautiful and soft off white sherpa.
Or you can choose from other coloured lining that I have in stock.

I have some amazing Fabric options for the outside of your Custom Made Snugket.
So once you make your purchase, just send me a message and I can help you find your favourite colour or pattern.
I will also send you details on how to measure your head, so that we can get the best fit for you.

I have beautiful Vintage Wool/ Aztec Patterns/ Plaids.
I am certain I will find the perfect option for your style :-)
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