Booties & Headwraps:

Most of our booties and head wraps are made from different fabrics, some of them being-   Cotton, Woven fabric, fleece, faux suede, Wool, non slip soles/ or waterproof washable soles. For these fabrics we suggest you do the following


We suggest that your booties or head wraps are put into a washing bag, and washed in cold water, on a gentle delicate cycle- or Handwashed. 

(Please note- Some booties have a leather outer- For these we suggest wiping with a wet cloth).


We suggest you leave to dry in the shade, standing up with snaps closed.


We do not recommend ironing either booties or head wraps.


Beautiful Indiah booties and head wraps are not toys, and babies or toddlers should not be left unsupervised with them, or while wearing them.

Hooded Scarves, Coatigan’s & Vest’s

When washing Hooded Scarves, Coatigan’s & Vest’s we suggest Dry Cleaning, to ensure they stay in the best possible condition.


Handwashing is best for Clutches, dry in shade